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Smile Brilliant Review 2017: Affordable Teeth Whitening

So, real talk, I have a coffee addiction.

We all know it! Sam drinks three cups a day, almost everyday. It’s a thing! I work a full-time job, blog, and home school my kid. Caffeine is as essential to my being as the air I breathe. Okay, okay… maybe that’s a little dramatic. The point is- the coffee stains are real. They exist, and I often have to edit them out. So, when Smile Brilliant reached out for a collaboration, I was more than a little excited!

If you haven’t heard of Smile Brilliant, let me catch you up!

Smile Brilliant is an at home whitening kit made in the USA. Created by dental professionals, the kit helps you get that beautiful white smile you’d normally get from your dentist. What makes it so great is that it is far more affordable to whiten your teeth with Smile Brilliant than visit the dentist. That is what made me really want to work with Smile Brilliant, mama doesn’t have the funds to get her teeth whitened at the dentist.

smile brilliant kit


So here’s how you whiten.

Smile Brilliant sends you your full teeth whitening kit. When you get it in, you receive instructions on how to make your molds. These will be what Smile Brilliant uses to make your custom fitted whitening trays. The instructions are very easy to follow, and they give you extra supplies just in case you need them. You make your molds and send them back in a paid envelope they provide you with the kit.

You’ll get those trays back super fast! Once you do its time to whiten.

Now, what I like is that you can whiten as fast or as slow as you need. So if you’re busy (like me) or tired (like me), you can whiten when you’re ready or have the time. This is also good for those who have very sensitive teeth and need breaks between sessions. The big benefit of whitening your teeth at home is that you fit it into your schedule, not your dentist’s.


Smile Brilliant Trays

Smile Brilliant Review 2017


Once again, Smile Brilliant provides clear instructions on how to whiten. This kit is very user-friendly, which I appreciated. You whiten by lining the front of your trays with a thin layer of teeth whitening gel, drying your teeth, and then slipping on the trays. You can wear these for different amounts of time depending on what you’re doing, when you whiten, and how sensitive your teeth are.

Generally, I wore my for 45-60 minute intervals.

My first impression on the whitening was a bit messy. I had put too much gel in the trays and got a little foamy, haha! That was the only time my teeth experienced any real sensitivity. The following times I put the correct amount, and it wasn’t super noticeable that I was even wearing the trays.


Smile Brilliant Whitening

Following whitening, you’ll use the desensitizing gel. Once again, how long you do this varies according to your needs. I personally found this very helpful, and wore mine for 20 minutes each time. For the sake of the blog, I did one session with a shorter time to determine how important the gel was to me. During this session, I wore the trays with the gel for only 8 minutes (don’t ask how I decided that time). I did notice that my teeth felt a little uncomfortable.

This wasn’t a major difference, but it was noticeable enough for me to see how much work the desensitizing gel does.

Smile Brilliant Review

Now, how many times you whiten depends on the person and their wants and needs. I did about 14 sessions to whiten my teeth. Which leads me to-

How do I feel the kit did?


Smile Brilliant Review 2017


Smile Brilliant Review 2017

Great! My teeth are lookin’ fantastic and all my friends noticed. Dez can’t tell me I have coffee teeth now! As a consumer, I feel like the kit did what it said it would do and I am very happy about that. I feel very confident taking smiley selfies now.

In general, it was a good experience. I spent a lot of my whitening sessions working on blog posts, playing with Averi, and doing things that needed to get done. I’d highly recommend this to anyone who is busy 24/7 and looking for something affordable to whiten their teeth with. Which brings me to-

A super fun Smile Brilliant Giveaway!
One lucky winner will receive a $139 credit to grab their own Smile Brilliant whitening kit! Even better? It’s international. Yes girl, you heard right. Go ahead and enter to win yourself some pearly whites.


Use the code ‘lattes-andlonglines’ at checkout to get 10% off your Smile Brilliant purchase.


at home teeth whitening



Feel free to leave me any questions you have, my comments are always open. Until next time!

*Smile Brilliant gifted me my kit in exchange for a post. My opinions are my own, and I have not been paid to post*





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