Guest Post: Posing Advice from Rosey Blair

Posing for great photos is definitely a work of art unto itself. It takes great communication skills, the ability to control your body at a micro level and the ability to zen out during a high pressure situation. What? High pressure? Are you kidding?

Absolutely not.

Posing for photos is a totally vulnerable act, and it can be really scary. I am a photographer by trade and a model by hobby, so I’m lucky enough to see through two very different lenses (ha!).


posing for photos



  • Show and Tell – When I model or shoot, I love to take a few shots and then take a look at the photos with the person I’m shooting with. Sometimes we don’t realize that when we turn our heads a certain direction, our eyes start to look wonky, and sometimes your hair won’t look the exact way you want it to. Looking at the first few shots is a great way to open up a dialogue about the goals of the shoot and any specific assets you like to show off.


  • Fake It ‘Til You Make It  – The best way to nail a shot is to act like a goofball. When my clients want to look sexy, I often tell them to give me the most cartoonish Jessica Rabbit sexy girl pose with the wildest bedroom eyes they can muster. 90% of the time, that’s the shot we end up using! When I want to have a natural smile in a photo, I make myself laugh. Even if it’s the most inauthentic goofy laugh, it reads on camera better than most posed smiles.
  • Be Prepared, Very Prepared –  I got bangs full of moisture and they’re going to separate during a photoshoot. I always bring a tiny bottle of dry shampoo. An extra shirt. A jacket to toss over an outfit. A couple of different bras (nude, push-up, strapless – go for variety!) bobby pins and hair ties. Sometimes, behind the photographer, I’ve got three bags of options. They’re so helpful! Even if I don’t use everything I bring, I definitely feel secure and therefore confident about my shoot.
  • Look Into The Past I’m a little extra on instagram. So, I’m frequently the subject of photos. Sometimes I have an off day and don’t feel like I look cute. When this happens, I go through some old photos of myself, maybe three to five years ago and find a photo that at the time I absolutely would have untagged. More often than not, I love the photo in hindsight. Even if you don’t like the photo you’re taking in the moment – in the future you may look back and love it. Be in the moment. Love yourself past, present and future.
  • Be the Photographer – Ask nicely (and don’t be offended if your photographer says no) if you can snap a photo of your shutterbug. I love asking my clients to take a photo of me. Switching sides let’s the client relax and it also gives them an idea of what I do. I also love to do this non-professionally with friends.


Posing is a skill – not everyone has it from birth. I certainly had to learn how to do it. Take every moment you can to practice – especially if you’re paying for an upcoming shoot, so you can show up looking like a pro. Also, it cannot be stated enough – you have seasons upon seasons of America’s Next Top Model to steal ideas from.




Follow Rosey on Insta, and check out more of her writing here. Hope you all enjoyed! You can read my posing post here. – Sam

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