5 Favorite Vegan/Veggie Recipes


Kale & Sweet Potato Quesadillas by OhMyVeggies
These are one of my absolute favorite things to eat! And the good news is that you can really do quite a bit to customize them, like getting a vegan sausage and tossing it in the food processor for a minute to replace the veggie chorizo. I also like to food process my kale because otherwise it comes out in bits and pieces as you bite it. And if you aren’t vegan or veggie? Toss some cheese on that dilla. 


Black Bean and Potato Nacho Plate by OhSheGlows
We haven’t made this in a bit, but its delicious. The potatoes replace the chips, making for a heartier meal. I’d say you can do quite a bit of mixing it up veggie-wise to get it where you want it, but this recipe is pretty solid. And if you’re not vegan and not up to cashew cream, just sub with some guac and cheese! Or go big and dump some queso on it.


Spicy BBQ Chickpea Burger by OhSheGlows
So yeah, another OhSheGlows recipe. IDK! This burger is hands down my favorite burger ever. I’ll pick this up over meat just about any damn day of the week. I customize mine only slightly by adding more BBQ sauce then it calls for, because I realllllly want that flavor to come through.


Corn and Pablano Lasagna via Food Network

So this is… ridiculously good. And also ridiculously easy to make. If you’re someone who is on the go and needs to take lunch to work the next day, no worries, it reheats well too. I ended up using more corn than needed for this recipe and I think it works out better that way. If you wanted to, I think adding shredded chicken would go well in this recipe.


Stovetop Pesto Mac by OhMyVeggies

So, I’m gonna say that both OhSheGlows and OhMyVeggies have been some of my favorite resources for vegan/vegetarian food. And this pesto mac is amazing! Seriously, just go for it. The recipe also includes so info on making your own Mac n cheese as well. 


So they ya have it- my favorite vegan/vegetarian dishes, with some modifications. I’ve gone through a few periods in my life where I ate strictly vegan or strictly vegetarian, though that isn’t the case anymore. We do still incorporate those recipes into our lives, sometimes with modifications and sometimes without.

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