Q&A [6/1/17]

Q: How do you take such cute pics? Teach me your ways. 

A: I take a lot, and I do a lot of the same poses. Or variations of them. So like, I want a specific pose. What I will do is slightly tilt my head in different directions while Dez is shooting, and then maybe move my arms out from my body in case they’re too close in the picture. Slight alterations will guarantee that the pic comes out just how ya want it. In general, moving instead of straight up posing helps a TON! 

Q: I would love to know about your journey into motherhood! (I love babies and birth stories) πŸ‘ΌπŸ’•

Well, let’s be very very honest and say I never planned to be a mom. It was just a thing that happened and holy shit pregnancy was hard. I pretty much NEVER stopped vomiting and I didn’t really gain weight until I was in my 7th month. The big boobs were pretty neat though.

The cool parts were feeling her move for the first time, it was like a little goldfish was swimming in my uterus. Which is hilarious thinking of how gentle that first movement was compared to her literally bracing her feet against my ribs and shoving her head into my cervix by the last trimester. 

She tried to come early at thirty weeks, but hung out and stewed until she was actually ready. When my water broke I was getting up to pee in the middle of the night. I swung my leg over and BAM! Broken water. 

And as Michael was working multiple jobs AND in school, I was living with my mom so I shuffled across the house to knock on her door and tell her that my water broke. 

We actually swung by my aunts house on the way to the hospital. She was LITERALLY WAITING OUTSIDE ON THE SIDEWALK WITH HER PURSE. We just kinda slowed down and she hopped in. It was so funny. 

So Michael actually beat us to the hospital and we checked in (next to a couple who were also having a girl they wanted to name Avery) and 8 hours later we had a kid. Fastest fuckin’ labor. 

She looked like a lil squishy potato, sweet babe. 

It’s been interesting watching her grow. We had so many plans on how we would raise her, but it’s mostly been a wing-it sort of thing. It’s hard and exhausting, but in the end she’s the greatest thing to happen to me. 

Q: Why is your daughter so cute?

LOL, my friend Cain calls it the Disney effect- big eyes, big forehead = instant cuteness.

Q: Who takes all your pictures?

Usually Desire. Though sometimes Jamal snaps my pictures when I wear something cute to work. And now I’m starting to work with my cousin Krystin. Honestly, I tend to take most of my pictures when coming into work. 

Q: Do you take pictures with other people?

I actually have some loose plans to shoot with two different photographers right now. In general it’s hard for me to get time to shoot with other people. I’ve been offered projects such as modeling work, but if you don’t mention the brand name, if it’s compensated, or a time frame in the first message I’m gonna pass. 

Q: What music do you listen to?? 

A lot? Um, some of my favorite artists are Vince Staples, Foals, Brand New, Selena (I wanna cry when No Me Queda MΓ‘s comes on like damn), Lloyd, Sampha, and Isaiah Rashad. 

Q: Do all of your clothes come from Strut?

Most of my clothes come from Strut, ASOS, or H&M. Working with Strut offers me a lot of opportunities to ‘pull’ clothes for my blog. I don’t actually own everything I wear on my blog or insta. 

Q: What’s your cats name? 

This little cutie is Honey! We adopted her for Averi, but I love the shit out of this little asshole. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this! I’ll be back soon with a new OOTD post πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ’•

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