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Gingham and Toast

Gingham Monki shorts

It’s been surprisingly cool here in Dallas. Cool meaning it’s mostly been in the high 80s / low 90s. Which, is tolerable.

Nice, even.

And then I planned to spend some time with Krystin and Hell decides to spew forth and coat us in a disgusting layer of heat and humidity.

So obviously, I planned my outfit accordingly.

I went with a very thin black ribbed tank tucked into breezy gingham shorts with ruffle detailing. To accessorize, I added gold geometric necklace from Strut and a black and white Kate Spade backpack borrowed from Krystin.

These shorts are awesome for the sticky heat- the fabric doesn’t cling to you at all and they’re cut away from the body for airflow.

Also they have pockets.

As I do 80% of the time, I paired them with my white leather converse. I know that I should be taking risks in fashion, but I also just really don’t want my feet to hurt.

I spent half of my time editing these photos laughing at how pissed off I look. Let me just say that I’m not at all looking forward to shooting in the summer time.

Krystin and I got up at 6:30 and we were already up and about town by 8 this past Saturday and it was still too fucking hot.

I’m trying to get better at styling looks for hot weather. It’s so easy to get lazy and wear that same dress you always wear bc it’s comfy and cool and fuck the effort of getting dressed it’s 110 degrees! 


We also grabbed some food and coffee at Toasted.

And yes, I got my latte hot. I can’t help it! First coffee of the day has to be hot. It’s a thing. 

The latte was really good (I got vanilla) and the baristas were friendly despite the fact that Krystin and I both get nervous going places we’ve never been before. The dog patio is a cool idea I suppose (Dallas people have to take their dogs everywhere so at least I wasn’t sitting right next to a dog), but uh… you gotta walk through it to get in and it sure as hell smells like a dog patio.

The Toast Ma Goats was really good- I’m a sucker for goat cheese. Seriously, give me goat cheese. I should’ve tried Krystin’s

avocado toast so I could give an opinion, but all I really cared about was my goat cheese.

Until next week!


{Photos by: Krystin Marks

EDIT: I will be doing a Q&A post soon, so feel free to leave any questions you may have in the comments! So long as they’re not inappropriate or invasive, anything goes. 👻

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