Summer is Coming 

So we shot this a few weeks ago and I’ve just taken forever to get the photos off my memory card. It was hot as fuck outside and the perfect time to shoot a summertime look.

It was also the perfect time to melt into a puddle on the pavement- Texas heat is no joke and I was DONE by the end of this day.

So here we have a teeny tiny mini denim miniskirt from Vacancy Road. It’s got cutsie embroidered flowers on it and a frayed hem. Very youthful. Nearly too youthful.

Thus why I paired it with a black and white striped bodysuit with a plunging back. It kind of keeps the flowers from going from playful to childish.

Plus you don’t have to worry about trying so hard to get your shirt tucked in after you go pee. Does anyone else hate that? Especially with denim skirts, because they’re so tight sometimes it’s hard to fix your shirt and keep it from bunching up.

I also grabbed some blue reflective shades and black booties to accessorize further. I think I would’ve rather paired this lookwith my white converse or a black sandal though.

For jewelry, I chose this super cute (and very delicate, Pi Collection necklace from Vacancy Road.

There’s also a QT black backpack from Strut that I love- so I wore that bad boy too. The circular hardware on this bag is probably my favorite detail.

Dressing for summer can be hard for me- I like my layers. I like to be comfy. I hate the AC so I freeze everywhere I go so I have to toe the line between dressing for the heat and dressing for an AC set at 61.

I also still deal with body issues. Sometimes I just don’t feel cute enough, good enough, womanly enough- it’s an ongoing battle for self acceptance.

It’s ok though. Sometimes we get ourselves down because we know we shouldn’t get down on ourselves and then it gets all weird. But its really just fine to not like yourself always. So long as you take care of yourself, you’re fine.

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