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Babe Date: Local Press + Brew 

Local Press + Brew

Dez and I tend to go on dates on Fridays. Or well, tended to. These days we are a bit busy so finding time to go to lunch together isn’t as easy these days. So when we both had Friday morning off last week, we jumped at the chance to go get breakfast.

We grabbed ourselves two lattes (matcha for Dez, regular for me) and a huge slice of avacado toast. The fact that a fucking slice of avacado toast can feed two people will never cease to amaze me.

We also nommed on a maple bacon donut that was pretty cool. This was my first visit to Local and I enjoyed it. It wasn’t overly crowded at all and the staff was really awesome. Super friendly, and the guy behind the bar made some tasty lattes.

It was also a great pick-me-up considering I’ve been sick as fuck this whole damn week.

Onto the outfit! I went super casual, and only slightly comfy- these shorts are super tight. So is the top. Which is why I tossed on my oversized denim jacket from H&M.

Side-note: the wind was not my friend this day. It kept blowing that one fucking piece of hair into my bangs and I was sad about it while editing this post.

So the inner portion of this look is simple and monochromatic- green on green. This tee is from Strut and I LOVE the neckline on it. It’s hard to find good necklines on tees.

The shorts are American Apparel and soon to be retired- they’re getting a little small. Such is life, my friend.

I have to say, I love this jacket. It’s actually from H&M’s unisex line which means it actually has REAL POCKETS THAT HOLD THINGS. Seriously, sometimes I skip a purse and just shove everything into the plethora of pockets that this jacket contains. It was also pretty affordable too.

I also kept my sunnies on the entire time bc I had eyebags from hell, and no one needs to see that. Sick Sam was very sick.





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