My favorite time of the year is when the first round of pretty floral maxi dresses arrive at our store. They’re fun and beautiful and just so great for looking effortlessly pulled together.

It’s even better when they come in black.

This dress is a new arrival at STRUT and one of my favorites! The floral print is much larger than we normally get in, so it makes that springtime statement despite the fact that the dress is black.

It also ties in really well with the location we visited: House of Dirt. It recently opened up in Bishop Arts this past October and is an extension of DIRT flowers.

Look at all the pretty arrangements! I’ll definitely shoot a few more outfits here. The entire venue is beautiful and the best part is that you can rent it out for events!

Back to the outfit! The details in the front are a bit subtle, but they really make this dress. You’ve got a v-neck to show a little skin and keep the dress from overwhelming you, it’s a good start. But what makes this great is the little keyhole  detailing below the v. It’s a very sexy look that’s fitting for any time of the day.

You’ve also got slits! Slits are your best friend when you’re petite (or right on the cusp like me). It also helps a ton when it’s hot AF outside. And while I modeled this shoeless- you could pair this with a lovely heeled sandal in black or brown and easily be set.

It was a wonderful day to spend outside and I can’t wait for more pretty things to get to the store. Leave a comment below and let me know what you’re buying for Spring!



GIVEAWAY WINNER! Congratulations to @kxtc on winning the Ulta giftcard giveaway! And if you didn’t win- I’m probably going to do more of these in the future so no worries. Hope everyone has a great Monday! 


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