Welcome to the first installment of #SocialSunday! Recently Instagram gave you the option to save your favorite posts privately to your profile, which gave me the idea to save photos I think are awesome and share them with you guys! I think it will be a great way to support my friends as well as other bloggers, MUA, and companies that I love. 

Keep in mind that the following posts will likely be all over the place and while numbered, aren’t in any real order of greatness.


1) This eyeshadow is just… wow. I love myself some intense eyeshadow and I especially love looks that don’t involve your traditional winged liner.

Hello my loves! I just wanted to let you know I did a little shop update! There are 15 new cruelty free, butterfly wing lockets available. I also have listed some of these beautiful little frozen leaf incense dishes! This is a part of my art that I don't showcase very often, but I want to explain a bit behind it. Cermaics has been a big part of my life- about 90% of our kitchen ware was all handmade by myself. Stoneware, earthenware, gas reduction firings , woodburning fires, electric kilns- they stole my heart in college. I even interned under a ceramicist in school and learned so much- not just to create my own clays and glazes, but how to build and fire all types of kilns. So a note to the buyers of these lovely little leaf incense dishes 🍁 I handmade the clay, shaped the leaves, mixed the glaze and fired them twice to their current form. I know all ceramicists out there can appreciate the steps it takes in making kiln fired works, and I hope you can as well. You can find these in my etsy shop.✌ The lovely face cup in the back is by one of my favorite ceramicists @franki_e 🍃 #earthenware #happymonday #cosmic #galaxy

A post shared by ••• Cheryl Lee ••• (@elementalurchin) on

2) ElementalUrchin makes a lot of ridiculously cool stuff, seriously. I’m hoping to move from stalking them to making my first purchase in the new year. You know, once I get my kids birthday shopping out of the way.

3) Hannah Shaw aka the Kitten Lady is THE bringer of happiness. Her Instagram is full of teeny tiny baby kitties like these beauties!

Seriously though…..can I have all of these ceramics in my home??

A post shared by Neha Aziz (@nehaaziz) on

4) Neha has one of the coolest IGs around- seriously. If you’re all about the aesthetics~ you will want to follow her.

5) Sarah is a beautiful and badass artist based in Brooklyn and I just love this photo of her ‘process’.

qt mermaid wall #instadfw #dallas #instadallas

A post shared by @krystinmarks on

6) My cousin Krystin (she shot my birthday date OOTD) takes simple, but awesome photos.

#filmisnotdead #analogphotography #pointandshoot #islasmujeres

A post shared by Lauren Herbst (@elleherbst) on

7) Lauren is a fellow TX babe who takes the dreamiest photos. You can check out her website here.

8)  GirlPinGang member Krystan Saint Cat has got some new arrivals that I LOVE.


A post shared by dionna ⭐️ scott (@bloojeans) on

9) Dionna is just a fucking babe and makes laid-back outfits like this one look ridiculously cool.


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