2016 was uh… one hell of a year.

Regardless of all the crap, I feel like it’s the year I truly came into my own when it comes to style. I’ve ventured out of my gray and black box to try more color (well if you count olive, navy,and plaid), tried my hand at more adventurous cuts, and all and all grew to be even more comfortable with myself than years prior. I spent a long time wearing nothing but all black, so it’s safe to say I’ve been feelin’ myself this year.

So peep the images below (they’re not in any particular order though my hair might give it away) and see for yourself.

Now, in celebration of the new year, I’ve partnered with my beloved STRUT as well as Espumoso Caffe to bring you a giveaway!

Both companies are small businesses (my fav kind of shopping) so the giveaway is limited to the DFW area! Here are the rules:

  1. You must be following STRUT, Espumoso, and myself on IG.

  2. Go to this post and tag a friend to enter.

  3. Winner will be announced December 31st and have 24 hours to respond.

  4. You can only enter on IG once, but you can comment on this post with your IG handle and your New Years resolution for a bonus entry.

What do you win? A $50 gift card to STRUT, a $20 gift card to Espumoso, and a feature on lattes + longlines.*

Whatever holidays you celebrate I hope they’re awesome and I can’t wait to put out more great content for you all in this upcoming year.

*I am aware that some people are not comfortable having their picture taken, you can choose to opt out of the feature!*


  1. My New Year’s resolution is to be bolder in my faith as well as read more scripture! I’m also hoping by working at the YMCA, I’ll be more inspired to work OUT here, too.
    IG: jordanmckennaa

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  2. @kaitlyngries is my Instagram handle and my New Years resolution is to be positive in all circumstances and approach hard situations with hope instead of defeat.

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  3. I absolutely adore you and and all that you are! You are a role model to me because of your style, accomplishments, and personally. My new year resolution is to not just be comfortable with who I am sometimes but, to to be confident with who I am all the time. I can’t acknowledge beauty and worth without questioning my own and I want to fix that. @rubyshuey

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  4. My New Years resolution is to find ways to give back to others. In my free time, I can find ways to volunteer in the community instead of doing things just for myself. My IG: themeganmaxwell

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  5. @ashleyworldpeace is my Instagram name and my New Years Resolution is to stay positive and open minded and to learn to love myself more!


  6. Love your blog, I’m a relatively new follower. I live in the bishop arts, and it’s so nice to see a fellow bloggerita down here!

    My IG is @highfringe
    My new years resolution is to seek God more, and to grow our relationship.

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