I have this cute pair of shorts that I haven’t worn more than once since I got them because they are just a tad bit too big and sit lower on my hips than I would like. They’re ridiculously cute though, so I’ve held on to them. Eventually, I told myself, I will wear them.

They were purchased for Spring/Summer, so wearing them for Fall never really crossed my mind until I looked in my closet yesterday and realized I’ve been wearing too many jeans lately and needed to switch it up.

Thus, this look was born. It mimics the sweater-over-the-dress thing a bit, while giving me just a little bit more freedom to move around (I dance a lot while I am at work).

This sweater has a very earthy feel to it and is oversized for maximum comfort, which works well considering my shorts are practically pjs anyway. The floral shorts and mossy sweater pair well without being matchy-matchy. The theme here is subtle, but I love it.

To glam up the look, I added a pair of black over knee socks and my go-to black lace up booties. Sheer black tights would also have paired well, but damnit I buy a lot of socks and I should use them!

The bag is a metallic clutch you may have seen in the first post of my holiday series. Its fun, and adds a bit of excitement to an otherwise muted outfit.

The final detail was a simple, layered gold necklace with little dangly bars. Anything else would have been trying to hard and I am always a fan of keeping it simple. Its cooler that way.


Sweater: H&M
Shoes: STRUT
Shorts: Urban  Outfitters
Necklace: STRUT
Clutch: STRUT



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