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Casual Summer Trends

You’ve seen embroidery mentioned multiple times on this blog and likely everywhere else on the internet. Its a popular trend and something that looks great on clothing and accessories. Its also a really easy way to add a little oomph to simple looks such as […]

Personal Style- More Important Than Trends

One thing that I firmly believe in is that your personal style will forever be more important than being on trend. Eventually, trends bleed into each other and everyone looks the same. But looking like yourself? That shit is memorable. Not to say that you […]

Rosy Ruffles

Ruffle tops are a huge trend right now. Just about every brand carries at least one. Hell, at this point they rival the cold shoulder top! So here’s my take on that popular ruffle top.  First of all- can we talk about how romantic this […]

Warm Weather Stripes

Can we just take a moment to talk about how fucking cold it’s been this week? Explain this situation to me- I don’t get it. I mean, yeah ok, I live in Texas so the weather never makes any sense. Still.  Come save us, Bill […]

Favorite Frames from EyeBuyDirect

Check out photos and reviews of my favorite frames from EyeBuyDirect!


The PJ trend was big for fall, though you’d rarely see anyone sporting it in Dallas. Luckily, it’s a bit easier to wear in the spring and today’s ootd is a great example of how to wear it!  And it’s ridiculously simple too. I took […]

#OOTD: Greenery

The color of the year is Greenery, which I feel gives me an excuse to profess my love for the deeper or sometimes more muted shades of green- okay so usually more muted shades of green. THE POINT HOWEVER- is that green is such an […]


Friday’s are normally when my workweek starts, but this past weekend was an exception because I had time off to have a birthday celebration followed by three blissful days off.

Fall Favorites 

Strut has been getting in many exceptional items in this fall season. From staple biker jackets to a million options on slip dresses- we’ve stocked everything you’d ever need to be on trend this season. Obviously, this makes me happy because I have access to […]

TREND: Turtlenecks + Dresses

You’ve seen this trend just about everywhere- on the runway, in the stores, and on that cute girl on Instagram. It’s surprisingly easy to wear and for anyone who wants to look trendy without having to put in a whole lot of effort- it’s a […]