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On Being a Mom

On Being a Mom

Parenting wasn’t something I had ever wanted to do. Until I got pregnant with Averi, I felt positive that I would go through life childless. And I was very content with that. And, if I hadn’t had her I would probably be happily child free. […]

It’s Time to Chill Out

Life can be… more than a little hectic at times. These days, the world isn’t built to give us time to destress and recoup, we’ve got to find that time ourselves. And more often than not, we ignore the need for ‘me time’ in favor […]

Playlist of the Week [6/5]

This is my Babe Jams playlist. Get cha babes together and have a dance party! Or just wash the dishes in your undies or something…  Let me know what you think! 

Q&A [6/1/17]

Answers to all those very serious questions you guys have.