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Sunday in Bishop Arts

Sunday in Bishop Arts

I love lazy days. Where you have nothing to do and time to do whatever you want. Except this Sunday was NOT a lazy day and I had a LOT to do. Still looked pretty relaxed in this OOTD though!  I’ve recently decided I love […]

Summer To Fall: Transitional OOTD

Summer To Fall: Transitional OOTD

Working in retail really skews my perception of when the fall season starts. By early July, we start getting in the first bits of our pre-fall line. The occasional skater skirt, but in satin. Your basic t-shirt dress, but in a heavier weight. Slowly they […]

Girl Power

Girl Power

I have an obsession with cool tees made by cool people. It likely started when I discovered the Girl Pin Gang insta… the rest was history. And when Angelica and I decided to get together to do our first shoot together, I knew exactly what […]

Detailed Stripes

So, its officially too fucking hot in Dallas right now. We have been enveloped in Satan’s armpit and I don’t see a way out. Which means, its time to try to stay really really cool without looking like a total lazy ass. Here’s an outfit […]

Gingham and Toast

I’m trying to get better at styling looks for hot weather. It’s so easy to get lazy and wear that same dress you always wear bc it’s comfy and cool and fuck the effort of getting dressed it’s 110 degrees!

Summer is Coming 

So we shot this a few weeks ago and I’ve just taken forever to get the photos off my memory card. It was hot as fuck outside and the perfect time to shoot a summertime look.  It was also the perfect time to melt into […]

Babe Date: Local Press + Brew 

Dez and I tend to go on dates on Fridays. Or well, tended to. These days we are a bit busy so finding time to go to lunch together isn’t as easy these days. So when we both had Friday morning off last week, we […]

Blushed Babe

In general, I’m not the biggest fan of color. 8 out of 10 times I’m gonna reach for something in grey and call it a day. But occasionally I see color and think, “So if I can find myself a nice basic, and pair it […]

Rosy Ruffles

Ruffle tops are a huge trend right now. Just about every brand carries at least one. Hell, at this point they rival the cold shoulder top! So here’s my take on that popular ruffle top.  First of all- can we talk about how romantic this […]

Warm Weather Stripes

Can we just take a moment to talk about how fucking cold it’s been this week? Explain this situation to me- I don’t get it. I mean, yeah ok, I live in Texas so the weather never makes any sense. Still.  Come save us, Bill […]