How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Little One

American Greetings cards at Walmart

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If there is one thing my daughter loves, it’s the holidays. The great thing about her holiday love is that they don’t even have to pertain to her. She spend’s about half the year asking me when it’s going to be Mother’s Day again, if that tells you anything. Gift giving is something she loves to do, so I knew I wanted to make this Valentine’s Day special by letting her put together a gift on her own. Boy, was she excited!

What she didn’t know, was that I had the whole day planned out for us with a little help from American Greetings cards at Walmart.

And it started, with a gift.

American Greetings cards

American Greetings cards


Cards are often overlooked when giving gifts to kids, but I think they’re pretty important. Averi loves to get adorable little cards like this one! There were so many cute animal themed cards to choose from that I did end up picking up extras so she had options when making her own gift. My kid happens to LOVE animals, so I knew she would appreciate this little cat and dog card.

We’ve also repurposed cards in the past, so this is likely something she’ll do with cards she collects this year!

Something my mom did for me as a kid was to keep a bunch of cards I received throughout my childhood. She stored them in a box and would bring them out every once in a while. They’re a special little way to tell your kid that you love them. So don’t forget the card when you’re giving a gift to kids!

After she opened her gift, we found a picnic table to eat our lunch at.


Lunch was rather simple. She adores peanut butter sandwiches, so I packed a few along with some chocolate chip cookies and tea.

Something that I often have to remind myself is that Averi is just happy to spend time with me. A quick trip to the park is enough to make her think I am the best mom in the whole world! You’d be surprised at how happy a trip like this could make your kid.

I think we were both rather excited to get the lunch portion of the day over with though! Averi had planned to give her cousin Elaina a gift for Valentine’s Day. And with all those pretty cards and stickers- she knew it would be fun.

Here’s what we did.


American Greetings cards at Walmart

First, she had to pick what she wanted to use. We had plenty of cards and stickers, as well as treat bags and bows! The most important part to me was making sure she included the card. I wanted to make sure her little cousin also had a collection of cards once she got bigger.

So she spent some time sorting through everything we had before deciding she wanted to start with filling the treat bags first. SUCH a kid.

I made her a little plate full of candy hearts just to make the process a bit easier on her. We also had an assortment of chocolate as well!

She filled up a few of these sweet little bags with candy hearts and chocolate. The bags came with stickers, but she chose to use a different sticker pack to seal the treat bags closed.

And then, with glee, she tossed them into this beautiful red bag!

Once she had filled the bag with goodies (we also grabbed Elaina the most adorable stuffed cat at Walmart), it was time to decorate the outside! The bow was an easy and eye-catching choice! Then we had to decide on the rest.

Averi’s best idea was to put the card on the outside of the bag. She wanted to make sure Elaina saw her card and didn’t toss it along with the tissue paper.

So we used tape to attach the card to the outside of the bag, and then used stickers to decorate it. The part of me that wanted this executed perfectly wanted to do this myself, however the charm comes from letting her do it on her own.

Finally, we stuffed this cute heart patterned tissue in the bag!

American greetings cards

The great thing about this day was that it was SUPER easy for me to put together. As most parents do, I lead a busy life. Even now that I work freelance, I still tend to work more than full time. American Greetings cards at Walmart are cute, easy to find, and you can find more than just the cards!

I grabbed the bags, tissue, extra cards, bows, and treat bags all with one stop! More than that, buying them at Walmart meant I could easily grab her a gift and picnic supplies all at once! Quick trips like that are invaluable as a busy parent.

So don’t forget to grab a meaningful card and make the best of this Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re writing in your own note, or letting the card do the talking- it will be something special to look back on years later.


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