How to Identify Your Personal Style: Finding Your Fashion Style

How to identify your personal style

I’ve talked about personal style a few different times. One thing I haven’t talked about is how to identify your personal style.

The most important thing to remember is that it’s personal style. It’s YOUR style. For YOU. When you’re trying to figure out what suits you, you should be thinking about what makes you happy. There's absolutely no point in developing a style for yourself that doesn't make you happy. Click To Tweet

So today we’re gonna talk about the beginning stages of developing your style and how to make the best of it.

how to develop your personal style

Start with identifying your interests.

So we’re all guilty of loving things, but being too afraid to try them. Clothes are no different. So take some time to sit down and write out a few things styles or trends that you love, but have yet to try. Do you really love gingham? The color yellow? Maybe you just really like wide leg trousers?

Jot those pieces down and then figure out WHY you’ve never tried them. Maybe its money. Possibly, its body image. Whatever it is, be honest with yourself. It doesn’t work otherwise.

Then go ahead and write down a few random interests. Do you really like metal bands. Write that shit down!

how to develop your personal style how to develop your personal style

So we’ve identified what you like.

Now let’s identify what makes you feel good. It could be soft cardigans, loose band tees, or maybe structured denim.

Remember, there is no point in developing a personal style that doesn’t benefit you. Clothes shouldn’t just make you look good, they need to make you feel good. You look better when you feel better. That’s just a fuckin’ fact. When you feel confident in the clothes you wear, two things happen.

  1. You move with confidence.
  2. Other people sense that confidence and are inspired by it.

This to me, is the whole point of embracing personal style. To be confident and to inspire others with that confidence.

Clothes shouldn't just make you look good, they need to make you feel good. Click To Tweet

Now lets combine all of that.

It’s more than just saying- oh, I should wear a lot of cardigans and band tees! That’s not really the point at all. What we are going to do is identify themes in your fashion that you will keep in mind when shopping.

So, you like metal bands right? Maybe you DO wear some band tees. But if you like structured denim? Pairing those tees with structured denim and MAYBE a thrifted 80s belt. You’ve just realized that your style is that of a rockin’ retro babe. Move forth with that. Keep it going! Maybe you’ve always wanted a rad trench coat or biker jacket, but you stuck to your hoodies. Replace those with that piece you’ve envied (if it makes you feel good) and personalize that rockin’ retro babe look. It’s now YOUR style.

The thing is, your style doesn’t have to be some never before seen thing. It just has to fit you, make you happy, and be something people begin to associate with you. Something you associate with yourself.

how to develop your personal style How to identify your personal style How to identify your personal style

After identification, comes implementation. Check back with me next time to find out how you can move forward with your new style direction!


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