5 Tips to Help You Learn How to Pose Better (And Get Comfortable In Front of the Camera!)

how to pose better

Getting a good photo is about more than being pretty. Getting a good photo is a collaboration between you and your photographer! Check out my tips on how to pose better and get comfortable in front of the camera.


Yeah, okay. That sounds like a given, right? Here’s the thing though- you won’t get a good set of photos if you’re all tense. It just isn’t gonna happen for you. That tension will show in your hands and mouth especially. So before a shoot, and I mean as the photographer is doing test shots- loosen up. Shake out your hands. Wiggle that jaw. Make some stretchy, goofy faces. While you’re at it, shake out those legs too.

Another relaxation tip? Don’t hold your breath. It’s another way that tension is going to show, but this time it will be in your face, chest, and shoulders. So roll your shoulders, take a few deep breaths, and pose.



I’ve heard it from more than a few photographers. They all have clients that don’t ever move. The clients find one comfortable pose, and then just stay there through the whole shoot. We all have a go-to pose. Hell, you’ve seen mine a MILLION times. But if you’re working with a photographer who knows what they’re doing- feel free to move.

If you’re scared to move around, try slight differences instead. Move your eyes in a different direction. Then lower your chin. Pull your arms back. Bring one arm forward. Shift your weight to the other leg. Put your arms up. Slowly pull them down with each camera click.

We can’t all be Coco Rocha, but we can sure as hell try.



Don’t be afraid of criticism.

One thing I tell my photographers to do? Tell me when my hands are being wonky! I always do weird things with my hands. It’s a fucking problem. Claw hands, tense hands, overly relaxed hands- I got ’em. So tell your photographer to call you out if you’re doing something weird. It lets them know you’re not going to clam up, and it helps you get better poses.

Ask your photographer to let you know how your posing is. Let them know you’d rather be told if something is off! You’ll get way better photos when there is an open discussion between you and your photographer.



Remember the basics.

If you find yourself going into panic mode, try these tips. Remember that hands will photograph best if they’re turned sideways, you won’t get big ole mitts in the photo. Try to keep your arms pulled out from your body to present your body better. FIND THE LIGHT. These are three basics that will help you get better photos by default. Posing isn’t always something that comes natural. It’s okay if you have to try.


Pose _better.

Let yourself get comfortable.

And by this I mean- make your shoots good experiences for yourself. Getting comfortable in front of the camera is HARD. My favorite ways to do this are as follows:

  • Know your photographer before you shoot. If it’s a connection you’ve made over the internet, meet up for a coffee a few days before the shoot (pay for them btw). Talk about what you’re both looking for, stuff that has nothing to do with the shoot, and how you’re feeling about it. Establishing a good connection with your photographer will help you head into the shoot with more confidence.
  • Bring music! I find that I can really let loose and have fun when music is playing. You might even find that you forget about posing and just groove to the music. Awesome photos come from people just having a good ole time.
  • Practice. You’ve heard it on ANTM- pose in the damn mirror! Everything will go much better for you if you already have an idea of what poses to do. Even better? Set up a self timer on your camera and try out a few poses that way.


Stay tuned for a guest post from the lovely Rosey, giving her own insight on getting comfortable in front of the camera.


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  • Reply Kaela

    Sam – These tips are perfection! I KNOW I need to do some of this, but doing it is another story. Literally going to work on this tonight.
    xx Kaela

    November 7, 2017 at 10:02 pm
    • Reply LattesLonglines

      Thank you bb! SO glad they were helpful to ya!


      November 8, 2017 at 12:18 am

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