Wear It Two Ways: Striped Culottes


Sometimes, its difficult to invest in pieces that you can’t see yourself wearing often. The most common question I hear when a customer is trying something on is, “Yeah, but where would you wear that?”

So what I have done this week is style the same pants in two different ways, and I’ll let you know where I would go wearing that outfit. Enjoy!

Where to wear: On a date, girls night out, art gallery visits, brunch in Bishop Arts.

I styled this look with the idea that I would be going somewhere that a little daring was appreciated. After all, this bodysuit is sheer, and the pattern mixing might terrify a few people. The second idea was that it would be somewhat dressy. You could go out with your partner or your babes and turn a few heads, or you could pop into brunch on a Saturday and snap some photos after. The accessories are all simple- the patterns speak for themselves.

This look is fancy for all the people who also like to be a little funky.

Wear2Ways (8 of 16)Wear2Ways (2 of 16)Wear2Ways (4 of 16)Wear2Ways (6 of 16)Wear2Ways (9 of 16)Wear2Ways (7 of 16)Wear2Ways (3 of 16)

Where to wear: 
Out for a low-key drink with friends, to the mall, being cute while running errands, visiting an arts district, a concert!

With this guy, I decided to put together a very toned down version of the first look. The top is a band tee that I tied in the back and its got a bit of something going on in the front to stand against the pants. The shoes are a flat version of my heels to make it casual and comfortable. Honestly, this is an everyday type of look for me.

And if you want to make it a little more sporty- wear some sneakers.

Wear2Ways (16 of 16)Wear2Ways (15 of 16)Wear2Ways (12 of 16)

Wear2Ways (1 of 1)

Wear2Ways (14 of 16)Wear2Ways (11 of 16)Wear2Ways (1 of 16)

And because I got these from Strut, I’ve linked some cool culotte alternatives for you. 

Multi Stripe
ASOS Curve

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