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You’ve seen embroidery mentioned multiple times on this blog and likely everywhere else on the internet. Its a popular trend and something that looks great on clothing and accessories. Its also a really easy way to add a little oomph to simple looks such as denim shorts paired with a tee. You could easily wear a basic white tee tucked into a pair of embroidered shorts and call it a look. Today I went a little bit further than that, but take it as inspo.

striped top (2 of 8)striped top (8 of 8)

Strut recently got in both of these pieces. And while I was iffy on the shorts at first, I loved the crap out of this color blocked striped tee. My favorite part? The wide neck. So many tees are made for people with small heads. I, on the other hand, will enjoy my wide necked tee, thank you very much!

The shorts I warmed up to once I tried them on. The seams were very flattering and I’m a sucker for anything with a bit of a dolphin cut (it makes my legs look awesome, js). And the embroidered details! Ugh! So fuckin’ cute.

striped top (7 of 8)striped top (5 of 8)

I went a step further and paired this neutral backpack with embroidery with my colorful look. It ties in, but doesn’t fight for attention. As usual, I tossed on my white Chucks that are in major need of a cleaning. I’ll get on that… at some point.

A very important aspect of this look (to me) is that the top is nice and oversized while the bottoms are snug. Its a lovely contrast that you should absolutely try if you normally wear everything loose or everything fitted.

striped top (4 of 8)

I will say that this look is very youthful. I felt a bit silly at first before saying, “Fuck it!”

Everything doesn’t have to be serious all the damn time. And if you are around my age and you want to age up this outfit, a slightly longer short without the frayed hem might just do it. And a sandal.

striped top (1 of 8)

striped top (6 of 8)

striped top (3 of 8)

Let me know your thoughts! I’ve been trying so hard to get better at replying to comments, though I can’t say I’ve made much improvement. Here’s to hoping July is my month, haha.

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