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This week we are taking a look at another Oak Cliff gem- Est. 1914, a small vintage shop on West Davis. Bright and airy, Est. 1914 is just the type of place you go to to comfortably shop for all those funky pieces you want in your closet.

And while they’re heavy on denim (which you will see here in a sec) they also have an amazing assortment of crazy dresses and awesome jackets like this leather one below.

EST1914 (15 of 15)

They’re also pretty set on accessories such as bandanas and pretty vintage bags. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the vast majority of their accessories were actually wearable- you can tell that this shop has carefully curated their pieces.

That means that shopping will be easy as you won’t need to spend time sorting through gaudy necklaces and ugly bracelets to find something you actually like.

EST1914 (11 of 15)

EST1914 (12 of 15)

The store is laid out well- there is enough space to move around other shoppers and it isn’t hard to find anything. I keep stressing that because, well, when its hard to move around and I can’t find anything- I don’t want to shop.

The displays are quirky and fun, and make for great inspiration for outfits. They’ve done a great job balancing the vintage feel with current aesthetics.

And if you’re shopping for mens clothing- no worries. They’ve got plenty of mens items from denim to tees. Its a great place to go with a few friends! And with the nearby restaurants, you can easily make a day of it.

To give you an idea of what they offer, I’ve put together a selection of outfits that I would wear. I completely forgot to bring socks when I came to shoot this set, so I used my own shoes in some of these looks so there aren’t any full head to toe looks. My apologies!

Keep scrolling to check out the looks.


EST1914 (9 of 15)EST1914 (8 of 15)

EST1914 (6 of 15)EST1914 (5 of 15)EST1914 (4 of 15)EST1914 (3 of 15)EST1914 (2 of 15)EST1914 (1 of 15)

This last look I paired with a top of my own, and I am low-key regretting the fact that I didn’t snatch up these shorts that day. Potential shopping trip? Sounds like it.

You can also check them out online! So for everyone who hates actually going out to shop- never fear- browse from the comfort of your bedroom.

And if you prefer to browse the full selection in person? These two badass ladies are happy to help you out. The store’s vibe is completely set by these two gals, who are laid-back and fun. When you shop small, you want to abandon the straight-laced corporate companies for funky personalities and fun finds. And thats exactly what you’ll get when you stop by.

EST1914 (13 of 15).jpg

We also wanted to do something fun for you! So for the month of July, follow Est. 1914 on Instagram and mention this post to receive 25% off your purchase. Enjoy! And tag me when you stop by.


UPDATE: This business is no longer open.

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