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Personal Style- More Important Than Trends

One thing that I firmly believe in is that your personal style will forever be more important than being on trend. Eventually, trends bleed into each other and everyone looks the same. But looking like yourself? That shit is memorable.

Not to say that you should avoid trends- just don’t let them decide your entire wardrobe.


How many times have you scrolled through Instagram only to find that everyone is wearing the exact same suede Moto jacket? With the exact same medium wash skinnies tucked into the same brown leather boots? It looks nice, sure. But after seeing twelve different people wearing it the same day… well, thats boring.

But when you see someone wearing some funky trousers with the same Moto jacket, thats when things start to look a little more interesting.

Or maybe they just keep things really simple, but you like the way they pair textures together? Like in this outfit I’m wearing. Its basic as fuck, but I’ve paired some textured socks with leather converse and a floral dress. Its an outfit that makes ME happy, because I love and appreciate the details.


And I wear it with my favorite, low-key makeup and some clear frames that are actually on trend. It all ties together.

When you’re looking to get dressed in the morning, you want to think about what makes you happy. What makes you feel good? What makes people think, “Oh, thats such a Sam look.

(Obviously replace my name with yours)

When you start dressing like yourself is when you start dressing well.


Beyond that, some trends just won’t fit in with your lifestyle.

Take me, for example. I work in retail full time while parenting a rambunctious five year old, run four social media accounts, and am planning a new business venture. Oh yeah, and I run this blog as well. My life is a little bit more than busy, I cant spend time trying to work my way into some off the shoulder button up top that is wrapped around my torso and then pair it with fishnets under denim. Thats just not realistic for my life.

What is real? My love of socks and comfy clothes.


At the end of the day, trends are just that- a trend. Something that will eventually be replaced with something else. Dressing like yourself will never go out of style.

(Yes, that was corny. But true.)

Until next time, folks.


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