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Detailed Stripes

Detailed Stripes

So, its officially too fucking hot in Dallas right now. We have been enveloped in Satan’s armpit and I don’t see a way out. Which means, its time to try to stay really really cool without looking like a total lazy ass. Here’s an outfit inspired by this damn heatwave.

So let me start by saying- the details are what make this look. Or uh, what make this look appear pulled together instead of a potential trip to the lake. I tossed my hair into a very high, very big bun (which honestly has been my go-to for the past week so its really not at all that special) and left some wispies hanging down for some elegance or whatever.

I went with gold detailing mostly just because I like gold. This fun necklace is from Mod & Jo. Its pretty simple, but is long enough that it makes the eye travel a bit.

Now,  onto the dress. This dress is a new arrival at Strut and is majorly comfortable. The halter and exposed back show some skin which is obviously good for the season. And lets face it- everyone loves stripes! My favorite aspect of the dress is that the stripes are in black and white instead of just one singular color.

I paired this with some fun (and very well worn) black lace up sandals. But tbh, I think they look TOO casual when contrasted with the other accessories. This look could have benefited from something a teensy bit more polished. Especially considering I was wearing a delicate gold anklet.

I think the real point of this whole post is that you can take any easy, simple dress in your closet and turn it into a look. Its just all in how you style it.

Also note that I wore a fiery shadow (another go-to of the week) and dewy, undone skin. You can totally go with a lighter coverage foundation when its so damn hot outside. Or no foundation, its whatever. I’ve been skipping face makeup in favor of skincare for a while now and I really like it. A pulled together look doesn’t need perfectly concealed under eyes and chiseled cheeks.

Let me know what you think!



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