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In general, I’m not the biggest fan of color. 8 out of 10 times I’m gonna reach for something in grey and call it a day. But occasionally I see color and think, “So if I can find myself a nice basic, and pair it with something flowy, and put my hair up…” 

And that’s how this look was born! 

The first thing I wanna talk about is how this little summer cardi is so warm and inviting- it makes me feel sweet and gentle when I’m anything but. This is for all the people who don’t like going around without a layer, even in the summer.

But what makes this fun is that the shorts are a wee bit grungy in contrast to the top. And to me, that’s what makes this look. It’s a tiny bit less predictable and a bit more inspired.

I also paired it with a natural pink lip, groomed brows, blush (which doesn’t rly show up here), and that’s it. The face is kept pretty clear and clean. You would easily throw a transition color in your crease for a little more definition.

So let’s talk about some details, shall we? This little cardi is technically long sleeve, but I pulled the wrist band up over my elbow for a better effect. Try to do small details like this (cuffing jeans, rolling tee shirt sleeves) when you are maybe on a budget, or too busy to invest more time in your wardrobe. 

I also threw on some lovely tan wedges that were a motherf*cker to wear. I have narrow feet and these didn’t agree with me at all. 

They were cute tho. 

LITERALLY THIS WHOLE OUTFIT IS FROM STRUT. Except my frames, those are from EyeBuyDirect. 

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