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Playlist of the Week [5/7] 

Playlist of the Week [5/7] 

So I’ve been working my ass off lately. When you’re doing as much as I am (homeschooling, full time job, blogging, social media managing) its hard to avoid burnout. One of the few things that actually helps is listening to music when I’m by myself and just letting go.

We also adopted a cat recently, so I’ve been up at 6:30am every day because godammit, she’s the boss and someone needs to wake up and LISTEN TO HER!

So yesterday I woke up, fed the cat, said goodbye to Michael when he went to work, and built a playlist. I was going to clean, and have a good fuckin’ time while I did it!

So here, for your enjoyment, is said playlist. Let me know what you think!

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  • So many great bands on there – especially the Arctic Monkeys! Haven’t heard Chelsea Dagger in ages but I’ve just added it to my Spotify playlist – so thank you!

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