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Rosy Ruffles

Rosy Ruffles
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Ruffle tops are a huge trend right now. Just about every brand carries at least one. Hell, at this point they rival the cold shoulder top! So here’s my take on that popular ruffle top.

First of all- can we talk about how romantic this outfit is? The rosy tones, the ruffles, the bare shoulders… Go out and steal some hearts in this look!

You end up with a pretty solid balance between hard and soft with the hardware on the purse and the structured denim contrasted with the embroidered roses and soft top.

If you’re trying to get into wearing more ‘feminine’ clothing- that’s a good way to go. Something structured paired with something flowy or soft.

This also creates a fantastic shape. The skirt goes in and sits right at the natural curve of the waist and then flairs out just a bit. When you add the heavy ruffled top it exaggerates your waist and creates the illusion that it’s smaller.

If you’re looking for denim shorts or skirts, and they’re cut the same straight line up and down, they’re not going to give you the same shape.

I had focused on black for the accessories because I was already wearing black frames, and without the accessories they didn’t tie in all that well. And like I said they ended up towing the line of hard and soft, which made for a far more visually interesting outfit.

You could also switch out the mules for a black sandal and it would be just as cute! Or, if you’re trying to go a little more sexy, a strappy black heel.






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