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Simple Details

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I often feel like most outfits are overaccesorized. I mean, yes, a good necklace can help you pull together a look. But I do feel as though very simple, but striking, details can make the statement for you.

Thus, saving you time and effort. 


Take this look for example. I grabbed a cropped button up with a v-neck, front tie, and matching ties on the sleeves. Cute little details that take what would usually be normal and shift it just outside of the box. 

Of course, I paired it with my favorite Flying Monkey jeans that are nice and destroyed, just the way I like ’em. They’re cuffed as usual and finished off with a nice pair of leather converse in white. 


Now, what makes this fun is on the back. Cute little embroidered flowers! They make a nice little pop of color that elevates this look nicely. I mean, you don’t need to always put the decoration up front. 

I also picked out these ‘Prism’ frames from EyeBuyDirect. I’ve got 12 pairs of glasses to choose from, but I felt this nice neutral pair went well. And they weren’t black, so the color still makes this more interesting despite being rather simple. 

My hair was also a consideration, with it down it felt too relaxed, but with a high bun I appeared a bit more polished. 


Also, I’m just saying, this outfit took all of 60 seconds to throw together. 

I know people have this major complaint about distressed denim and it goes a little bit like, “I could do that myself.”

Which I mean, whatever, congratulations. Go do that then. I personally think that distressed denim is just a bit more visually interesting when you’re trying to keep a look simple. It’s great to pair with items like this top. I always recommend grabbing just a few items that are a tad bit quirky, but not over the top. It makes planning fun outfits a speedy process. 


And if you’d like to read more about me (and how I’m the biggest fuckin’ dork) then click this link for a cute little post over on Gadgets and Geekery. 


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Or, you can use the code  IFB68LKPJX the same way. I in turn will also receive $10! 

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