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[REVIEW] Birch + Poppy

You meet a lot of fabulous people on the internet. People with great personalities, cute kids, and real talent. Birch + Poppy creator Lindsey Bohman is one of those people for me.

We met on Tumblr, of course. These days we’re friends on all of our social media sites so its easy to keep up with all the cute stuff she makes. A few months back she asked me to review a couple of her products and I was happy to agree. I love supporting small businesses as well as other women.

Time for the review. For the sake of transparency, if it wasn’t already clear, she sent me these items for free. However, all opinions are my own and I haven’t been paid to write this.

This baby is her staple triangle scarf that is handmade to order. It’s made from wool and wool blend yarn and while you might look at it and say- oh that’s not warm at all- its actually very warm! (I had some lady ask me if the wind went through the holes) 

I wore it on a 50 degree day and as someone who is almost always cold it was a lifesaver. If you don’t already know I’m from Texas so our weather can never make up its mind. We’ve been mostly in the 80s so this cold day took me by surprise.

The good news is that its also pretty breathable so when my store’s heater decided to actually function I didn’t die of heatstroke or anything.

It also looked really cute with my outfit. Lindsey is very happy to work with you to customize your pieces, so it’s easy to get something that meshes with your wardrobe. 

She also sent me this adorable slouchy beanie with a little pom pom on top for Averi, who had the best time modeling it. Unlike the triangle scarf, this beanie is already made and ready to ship. It comes in 2T-4T with some stretch. Another great point to make about this is that Lindsey’s house is smoke-free, so you can feel comfortable ordering for your babies.

Averi says the hat is, “Pretty warm, I like the red thing.

She usually has more than a few complaints about wearing beanies. When it’s winter I have to wrestle them on her because she hates to get overheated. She wore this one without too many complaints, so I imagine its the same as the scarf- warm, but breathable.

The hat does feel more delicate than the scarf, something to think about for those who have very destructive little ones.

You’ll find more than just crocheted items in her etsy, though! She also happens to paint- and the pieces are delightfully nerdy. Check out a few of her other items below.


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Comment below with any questions you have, and both Lindsey and I will get back to you!

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