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Festival Babe

Welcome to the wonderful world of festival wear. Or, in my case- toned down festival wear. STRUT recently stocked this badass top with a matching skirt. I modeled it for our instagram and then went… wait. This would go great with my mom jeans. Thus, this look was born.

The top is a funky, floral off-shoulder blouse with rad pirate sleeves and almost too much personality. You’ve got the print, the cuff, the ruffle- so much going on for something that is also kind of subdued? The color story is actually very mellow, which makes the top wearable.

Now the shorts are my beloved distressed mom shorts from ASOS. I love these for many reasons, the most important one being that I can eat a truckload of food while wearing these and still feel okay. Maybe I’m getting old or something, but fuck if I don’t value comfort over style sometimes.

And while both items have a bit of bulk, the crop on the blouse helps even everything out very well. I’m still struggling to find comfort in bulk simply because I often feel like I always need to look womanly and sexy…bulky clothes don’t exactly lend to that. We just got deep right now, but I’m telling you- my 2017 goal is to care more about what I like and less about what I’m supposed to look like.

Which is something I plan to reflect more on this blog as I stop trying to edit out the leg hair I so proudly grew out and hide my food baby less as well. We often fight to let others live as they want while holding ourselves to unrealistic standards and quite frankly I need to let myself live.

This has been a PSA.

Back to the outfit! Now you could totally rock this look at whatever festival you find yourself at this year, but you could also wear this to go get ice cream. That, my friend, is what you call a win-win situation.

A detail that I didn’t plan, but love all the same are the warm brown inner straps of my tote. They pull down some of the warmth from my blouse and somehow manage to tie the look together and make it more cohesive considering I went with so much black on the bottom.

Because my shoes are black as well. My favorite little pointed toe ankle boots with semi-exposed sides to elongate my short lil legs. They go with just about everything and because they have a ton of little cutouts in them they actually make a very solid summer boot. I decided.

You could easily go for a strappy sandal with a chunky heel, I just felt that the boot made this a bit more on par with my original festival idea.


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