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#OOTD: Greenery

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The color of the year is Greenery, which I feel gives me an excuse to profess my love for the deeper or sometimes more muted shades of green- okay so usually more muted shades of green. THE POINT HOWEVER- is that green is such an easy color to wear when you’re an All Black Everything type of person. It’s basically a neutral. 

So here we have a lightweight, pull over sweater that I made pop with a white collared shirt with a small, black floral print. I would’ve preferred for the tails of the white button-up to stick out more, but the only one I had was a semi-crop. 

You deal with what you’ve got. 

Down below I added black high waisted skinnies from H&M, a black sock, and a brown boot with zip detail on the side. I felt very scholarly in this moment. 

The mini side splits on the side of the sweater somewhat make up for the lack of shirttails, but only a little. Still, I appreciate the pop of white on the sides. 

Now here’s a BLOG FACT for you: I got this bag from STRUT. It’s beautiful and the tassel is cute af and I wanted to use it in the blog. But on our way out to shoot I couldn’t find my damn bag. It was nowhere to be found. So, I grabbed an empty one from the store floor and used that. 

I found mine as soon as we got back to the store. 

I desperately need to get my hands on a nice moto jacket because ugh, that would have made this look. The blend of a tough jacket and scholarly buttonup + sweater combo is just my thing.

See you soon! 






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