#OOTD: What exactly IS Winter in Texas? 

If you’ve lived in Texas for any amount of time you are likely aware that the weather makes no sense at all. It’s January and here I am- shorts and a crop top. Like I said, no sense at all.

Not to say that a lot of the past week hasn’t been beautiful. I’m in love with sunny days so the break from clouds was very welcome. I’d just like to get to wear my scarves a bit more.

Let’s start off this outfit by saying that I’ve never actually worn any heeled shoe with a pair of shorts before. I used to frown upon it, but when attempting to make the band tee + denim combo more appealing I realized it wasn’t all that bad.

This band tee was a limited edition Purity Ring shirt that I cut into a sleeveless crop. Its my favorite length and my go-to whenever I’m having an off day. Perhaps its an ode to my teen years, but comfy band tees always make my day a little bit better. And this outfit is essentially a slightly more adult version of our old band tee and skinny jeans combo. I’m honestly just sporting better eyeshadow at this point.

The shorts are American Apparel Stretch Bull Denim High-Waist Cuff Short (whew, long name). I’ve had them for a while and they are well-loved. They don’t do that weird thing where they box out your hips and they also don’t stretch too much. To me, they are the perfect pair of shorts.

So now for that heeled shoe I was talking about. When I got dressed this morning I went for my black lace-up booties. Often times, we tend to immediately go for black shoes. It seems easy, it seems right. But it made this look… dull. So instead I reached for those Target booties Dez bought me. It added a little something to the look while still keeping everything easy.

Over the tee, I layered a few gold necklaces. A thin gold choker, followed by a heart shaped necklace engraved with the words, “Piss Off!” Last, I added a slightly larger necklaces with a little geometric stone.

Side-note: I know a lot of twenty somethings are looking to update their wardrobe, or just look a little more stylish. I think its safe to say you can still rep your favorite bands and look more put together than you were as a teen. Go for necklaces with delicate chains in varying lengths and layer them until it looks right. Swap out your converse for a mule, bootie, or sandal depending on the season. Cuff those jeans or tuck the tee into a high-waisted skirt. Done.

Overall, it was a great outfit for a warm winter day. The colors were great for the season, so I didn’t feel like I was actually dressed for a summer day. I experimented a little with the shorts and heel combo, so that’s a win. And I got some great photos with my babe Batgirl.

Oak Cliff’s Batgirl mural is by artist Steve Hunter. 

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