Accessorize It! The LBD

Sometimes- dressing yourself is hard.

So today we are going to look at ways to accessorize a staple in most closets- the LBD.

So, the LBD. It’s something we all have in one form or another- I grabbed this little bodycon number from STRUT for $29. You can likely find a similar cut at Forever21 or H&M.

The problem with a dress like this is obvious- it’s tight and short. A lot of time we feel boxed into one particular look when we put on dresses like this- the clubbing look. The short hemline feels a little risqué for daytime and the tightness sometimes feels like you’re trying to hard to be sexy so why would you wear it anywhere but the nightclub?

My first tip is to counteract all of that with a quirky flat shoe. Seriously- you don’t have to wear heels.

I picked these crazy metallic ankle boots with a somewhat pointed toe. They’re ridiculously fun and totally weird and also work for both day and night. I also pulled up my sock to make them look a bit more casual.

If you’re petite- try for a metallic flat instead. It will help lengthen your legs a bit to show more ankle. If you’re tall- pull up that sock a bit more if you’re feeling too leggy.

I found that I really enjoyed this look when simplified down to a fun boot and casual dress. Something about it worked really well and though you see a necklace in the next photo- I suggest skipping it or going for something simpler.

Next we added a matching metallic clutch and a funky multi-layer necklace. I was really stoked about it at the time, but I feel like there is just TOO MUCH METAL going on! I decided to keep the photos for so we could discuss why it was just a bit much.

When I look at the finished look- I can’t figure out where I’m going in this outfit. Am I going to dinner? To a coffee shop with a friend? Are we going to walk around the mall or a shopping district?

The solution would have been simple- pull off that necklace and use the chain that comes with the clutch and wear it as a cross body. You go from over accessorize to stylish in two easy steps.

Or you can go a different route-

Here we replaced the chunky metal and stone necklace for a simple, gold drop necklace paired with a green choker. This is a great way to incorporate color into your look- go for something neutral that will still pop.

Next I added a matching green crossbody with a little tassel. It’s not trying to hard to be quirky or cool- it’s casual and fun and speaks for itself.

The thing to keep in mind here is that you could easily switch this out for a nice muted blue or even a rust colored bag/choker combo. I personally think that anything bright paired with the cut of this dress would look dated at best, but subdued tones keep this look fresh and up to date.

Finally, I grabbed my favorite lace up heels in a green khaki and wore them over my socks. On trend and helps tone down the sheer leggyness of wearing an LBD.

When you’re trying to style an outfit keep in mind that you don’t have to do too much. Oftentimes just getting the shoe right is enough to make your outfit look better. Just experiment with what you have, and make a note of what you need.

Does that one top need a necklace a little longer than the ones you own? Should you try a cool toned brown belt with those jeans? Is the belt you have just too wide to be stylish these days? Maybe that skirt would look better with a bag that isn’t black.

Have fun and mix it up ! And leave a comment if there is any outfit you would like to see me accesorize.

Everything featured here can be found in-stores at STRUT. You can find the metallic boots online here.

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    Loving the styling tips! So creative!

    December 30, 2016 at 8:55 pm
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