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Fall Favorites 

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Strut has been getting in many exceptional items in this fall season. From staple biker jackets to a million options on slip dresses- we’ve stocked everything you’d ever need to be on trend this season.

Obviously, this makes me happy because I have access to all the goods. 

So I took the time to curate a collection of all my favorite pieces from Strut right now. If the items are available online, I will link them! If not, there will be links to similar items. 

NAC cross-chest tunic || The closest thing I could find was this.   

I’m very big on transitional pieces- I want to wear most things I own across multiple seasons. This is a great layering piece that I can also pair with sandals in the spring/summer season. 

NAC slouchy coat || Similar style here

You’ve seen this on my blog already and for good reason- it’s warm. It’s stylish. It’s comfortable as hell. 

OOf sporty slip-dress || Available in black.

We have this at the Dallas location in two colors and I love them both. Once again, it’s a great multi-season piece you can layer. The dress is super lightweight so it doesn’t look bulky or weird when you throw a sweater over it. A+

NAC cross-back sweater || Similar here.

Yes, I will wear this multiple times a week. Fight me. This sweater does everything- it has an awesome criss-cross back for extra detail, the V in the front moves the eye along, and it has slits on the side for when you’re lazy and pair it with tights. 

NAC ribbed B&W crop || Similar here.

You can find something similar just about anywhere. Long sleeve crops are just perfect for those who don’t like to tuck tops into their high waisted jeans. 

Thread & Supply biker jacket

I feel like I don’t have to say anything else. The photo speaks for itself. 
What are you loving for fall right now? 


You can also shop these items via Austin’s Instagram or, if you live in Austin or Dallas- visit us in store! 

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