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What I Wore: Black Friday Weekend

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I am very lucky to work for a company that is all for self expression. Tattoos, piercings, unnatural hair colors- be who you are. We are so here for that. 

That also happens to work very well for me when the dreaded Black Friday hits and I need a super comfy outfit to survive the day. I’m not forced to dress up, I can style myself however I please. 

Joggers are wonderful, aren’t they? You can pair them with so many things, even heels, and still feels like you’re wearing pajamas. Obviously, this made them my first choice when deciding what to wear this past weekend. I had one goal in mind: wear something outrageously comfortable, but look like a babe.

I recently ordered this pair of NOCOZO knitted joggers from ASOS and they arrived in the mail just in time. The waistband is done really well and they’re cropped for a more sporty look. Catch me in these at least a few times a week.

My choice of top was a simple black, long sleeve tee from H&M. It’s super slim fit which helps when wearing something loose and comfortable on the bottom. Over that I layered this cozy Thread & Supply faux leather jacket. The different textures kept the look interesting in its simplicity.

And because flat shoes were a necessity, I wore my beloved and nearly worn out chucks. 

Finally, I layered this super cute gold and black necklace from STRUT. It was the detail my outfit needed without looking overstyled. Oh, and the latte. Don’t forget the latte. 

How do you style your joggers? 



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