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2016 Holiday Lookbook I

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The holidays are officially here (when did that happen?!) and now we’ve got to plan for family gatherings, work parties, dinners with your friends… the list goes on. I’ve put together a few outfits to hopefully inspire you! This is part one of a three part holiday series. 

This is a super casual look comprised of pieces you can incorporate into your wardrobe even when the holidays are over. I combined a dark green bodysuit with a black suede skirt to start off the look. If you tend to shy away from color, this is likely the look for you.

I followed up with a pair of pointed black booties. If you’re wearing this to more casual parties, these shoes will help your feet survive the night. Once again, these are also totally wearable outside of the holidays. 

Next, I added an awesome metallic clutch and a black wrap around choker. I tied the choker into a bow as a subtle nod to Christmas. After all, you are a gift to this world. Own it. 

The details in this look are just enough to say festive without overdoing it. It’s one of my favorites. 

My beautiful best friend, Diana.
This next look is a bit more dressy, good for work parties or a nice dinner. The focus of this look is a beautiful, green velvet dress with 3/4 length sleeves. This dress is here for holiday cheer. It’s also here to make you look like a mega babe- this cut is super flattering. 

We paired this dress with some nice strappy heels, but you can also sub the heels for a good pair of booties. 

We accessorized with a gorgeous sparkly choker and gold glitter clutch. Both elevate this look to the next level and stand out well against the velvet. 

If it’s cold out where you live, a nice neutral trench would pair well with this look. 

Now this look is flashy and fun. If you’re the babe who loves the hell out of glitter- look no further.

This dress has halter straps and pulls in at the waist to give you some shape. The black and gold pattern keeps the eye moving around. So if you plan to eat a lot while wearing this dress you can absolutely hide your food baby. 

I threw on a leather jacket over top the dress for an element of cool. This will also help keep you warm if you’re going from party to party. If you’d like to emphasize your waist more, I would suggest a cropped jacket. 

For shoes I grabbed a pair of black lace up heels and wore a pair of black socks with them. You will be both cozy and on trend. 

Accessories were a hard pass simply because the dress is so loud on its own, but I’m a sucker for sunnies so I grabbed a pair for the photo.

Hopefully this inspired you a bit! Part two will be coming soon. 



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