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TREND: Turtlenecks + Dresses

TREND: Turtlenecks + Dresses
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The slip dress trend is super fun! But it can also look a little bare. Check out how I style mine for the fall season! 

You’ve seen this trend just about everywhere- on the runway, in the stores, and on that cute girl on Instagram. It’s surprisingly easy to wear and for anyone who wants to look trendy without having to put in a whole lot of effort- it’s a life saver.

Now personally, I have yet to find a turtleneck that is my friend. And if you’re someone who feels the same way as I do- mock necks are a nice substitute.

My favorite part of this trend is that all of my summer dresses now work for fall. This whole trend is just one big WIN.

I tend to shy away from most colors so I opted for a black turtleneck under a black, spaghetti strap dress with floral details. Since Dallas recently experienced a cold front, I threw on a grey coat and added some socks under my booties. Once again, this keeps me on trend. Socks have been my favorite accessory for a long time, so I’m super pumped that they’re now a thing.

This is where I add that if you’re trying to wear this look and it’s exceptionally cold outside- tights can be added to this look and it will still look nice. However, if you’re on the shorter side, adding tights might emphasize your short stature.

Side note: if you haven’t found yourself a structured-but-slouchy coat by now, you should. It’s like walking around in a really stylish robe. 
If you’ve tried out this trend, how do you feel about it?


Full outfit from STRUT.

Eyewear from EyeBuyDirect

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