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take a slipdress add a sweater 

take a slipdress add a sweater 
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I’ve spent more than a few fall seasons attempting to make the most of Autumn in Texas by pairing sweaters over dresses. The logic is sound: the sweater will keep you warm, but the dress will make sure you’re not too warm.

Unfortunately, I never seemed to pull it off. The combo always made me seem a bit too much like a quirky kindergarten teacher for my taste. Something in the styling was always off.

So imagine my surprise when I style a sweater over a dress for my store’s Instagram and find… that it worked.

I think the heavens opened up that day.

I discovered that the trick to styling this particular combo was two-fold:

  1. The sweater needs a loose hemline that extends past the waistline.
  2. The dress needs to be no longer than mid-thigh.

I completed the look with a pair of black lace-up booties with a nice chunky heel and black socks peeking out the top. The look was fantastic and I loved it so much that I replicated it with my own wardrobe the next day.

It’s a look I plan to repeat a few more times this season. It’s comfortable, easy, and stylish. I look like I’ve put in effort when in reality it took me a quick second to throw it together.


Complete outfit from Strut

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